2013 reading plan

Knowing that the best laid plans often go astray, I still think it’s important at least to make a loose plan. I know that I work better that way; your mileage may vary. Having completed the 3650 Bible reading plan in 2012, I want to focus more deeply on books of Scripture. I also want to get some of the Word into my heart by memorizing it.

ps37planI don’t have a plan for the whole year sketched out, but I am beginning by studying and memorizing Psalm 37. I’m copying the Memory Moleskine idea and have typed up  the Psalm, dividing it into manageable chunks for memorization. Lord willing, I should have it memorized in ten weeks. After those ten weeks, I want to read, study, and do some memorization of 1 Peter.

As for my other reading, my master’s coursework will have to take priority. I start an Anglo-Saxon literature course in a couple of weeks. I haven’t yet seen the reading list.

Another goal is to stop purchasing books until I read more of the ones I already own. This will probably take more self-control than I can muster, but I’m going to give it a shot. I think I’ll go to a different bookshelf each time it’s time for a new book, and pick one I haven’t read.

I’ll try to review some books, and I’ve been making updates at Goodreads.

Do you have reading plans for 2013? Please share! And if anyone wants to memorize Psalm 37 with me, I’ll try to post or email the plan I put together.

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Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “2013 reading plan

  1. I have a reading plan in my journal. Rather than picking specific titles, I tend to break things down into categories. I want to read from Church history, so I’m reading in the Patristics to start with and I have a couple of volumes there. I have a section for “Christian Living” which is more application type reading. In addition to daily bible reading, I want to read books about the doctrine of Scripture, so I have a couple of books on that list. I also have some books about gender issues that I want to read, and it was my goal to read this year one of the ten volumes of B.B. Warfield that I have. I am also reading fiction, mostly older fiction. I have two books by Wilkie Collins that I want to read as well as some recommendations from my PhD student daughter, whose focus is American Frontier literature.

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