the antidote to envy

I’ve been working on memorizing Psalm 37, and last week I was focusing on verses 1 through 4. I came across a sermon from John Piper on the first part of this Psalm, and it has helped my understanding as I meditate on the psalmist’s words. Piper preaches on the unbelief of envy, and he explains that the commands in verses 3 through 8 are the antidote to envy:

Notice these positive things that you’re supposed to put in place of envy in your emotions. “Trust” (verse 3), “delight” (verse 4), “Commit” (verse 5), and “trust” again in the second half of verse 5. So the reason I chose Psalm 37 tonight is because it teaches us that envy is unbelief, or has its root in unbelief. And the opposite of envy we see is faith, or trust, or delighting in God, or rolling your burdens onto the Lord.

So I hope it is clear that when we are beginning to envy—when we’re starting to look at somebody and resent that they have something and we don’t—and we’re beginning to lose our peace and contentment in God because of it, the issue is faith. Okay? That’s the point so far.

Then he gives 6 reasons why believing is better than unbelief. I encourage you to click over and read them.

so what do you think?

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