It’s time once again to share a rather eclectic collection of things I’ve noticed around the internet:

~ We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists. Depressing, huh? And not at all surprising.

~ I couldn’t pass up this bargain cookbook for my Kindle — The Italian Slow Cooker. So far it looks fabulous. I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes soon.

~ I’ve long been tempted by the Levenger Circa collection, and Kim may have just given me a big shove in that direction.

~ Maybe I’m biased, but I really liked my son’s post on the mundane. That he threw in some Latin was just a bonus. 🙂

~ Since the beginning of the year, the gals over at Femina have been posting some devotionals. They’ve all been good, but this one on Psalm 121 stood out for me. A peek:

But that simple phrase – the one who made heaven and earth – is a wonderful reminder. As we lift things up to God in prayer, do we  have an attitude of “I’ve been around the block, and I know how this kind of thing goes….” – are we hardened, and tired? Are we forgetting that He did, in fact, make us? He made our children, He made our difficult families, He made it with His words. Why do we ever doubt Him? Why do we think that the God who made tide pools and all that is in them cannot handle an alcoholic? Why do we think that the one who threw the milky way into heaven isn’t really sure what to do with us and our troubles?

And when we are worrying – are we remembering this? Are we remembering that our creator holds us in His hand? That He never sleeps? That there are no small things that can slip by without him noticing? He made them all. We are His creation – sustained by His voice.

~ Here’s a jam-packed post on guns. The bottom line:

The lessons of the above anecdotes are blatantly clear. If you have a weapon, you can defend yourself, your family and others. If you are disarmed by law or choice, then you are wholly at the mercy of criminals.

~ I like just about anything the brilliant Thomas Sowell writes. And when he writes on education, it’s twice the goodness.

~ I enjoyed Tony Reinke’s thoughts on whether to read widely or deeply.

Happy Tuesday!


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