read this book!

trustinggodI heartily commend to you Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God Even When Life Hurts. Many of you may have already read it, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s worth your time. My copy is marked up, and it will join other favorites that I return to again and again.

Bridges lays out the case for trusting God based on what we learn about God’s sovereignty and love for us in His Word. I’ve shared passages here, here, here, and here as I’ve worked through the book, and I’ve had to restrain myself from posting even more. It’s such an encouraging — and challenging — book. READ IT!!!

Seriously. Read it!


4 thoughts on “read this book!

  1. This one book has impacted me than any other. It is so practical but deep. I find myself returning to it over and over. You see a lot of blogs or Amazon reviews that say this or that book is a “must read”. Trusting God deserves that accolade. It is definitely a “must read” for any Christian. I think I can safely say that it will change your life as you come to understand God’s sovereignty.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I bought this book Sunday a week and a half ago, after being prompted by your posts. I’m steadily underlying about half of everything I read. It really is a great book, which has been very timely for me, so thanks for posting on it.

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