I’m a very, very, very amateur photographer. Encouraged by my son (who has the real talent), I started a 365 photo project. That’s one photo a day for 256 days now so far. I post them on Facebook and my private blog, and every now and then one ends up over here. I know next to nothing about cameras and the technical side; I just take pictures of things that I find beautiful. I’ve seen beauty in the unusual and the mundane. If nothing else, working on this project has made me look around more.


Something I’ve noticed as I’ve worked through this project is that I’m drawn to texture and particularly weathered objects. I love old, rusted metal, wood that’s worn, peeling paint, and old, chipped brick.

blessed are



Maybe I’m drawn to the worn and weathered because I feel worn and weathered. And maybe I think something beautiful can come from time and experience and history and stories and layers peeled away. Because I believe in a God who makes beauty out of ashes. Who makes all things new.


5 thoughts on “weathered

  1. Your sign makes me think of a few lines out of Leonard Cohen song, Anthem, which makes a nice Haiku:

    there is a crack, a
    crack in everything, that’s
    how the light gets in.

    I love that (and wrote in under the one and only lino print I have done in recent years). It goes with 2 Corinthians 4:7-10. Love your photos too.

    The Japanese have these words “wabi” and “sabi” for things that are old and imperfect. I like those.

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