“…almost never individualistic…”

aschristianityFrom Anglo-Saxon Christianity: Exploring the Earliest Roots of Christian Spirituality in England by Paul Cavill:

Anglo-Saxon Christianity held up the highest standards of behaviour and commitment. Individuals strove to reach those standards, some in the heroic gesture, some in the dogged pursuit of daily holiness. But Anglo-Saxon Christianity is almost never individualistic: loyalties and obligations to Lord and lord, family, community, and fellow-Christians were an essential part of the enterprise of faith. The Anglo-Saxons would undoubtedly understand the value we place today on the individual, but they would not understand the emphasis in the Church and the world at large on individualism. The person who is focused solely on him or herself, in Anglo-Saxon England is either one of the holiest of people, the hermit doing spiritual battle against forces of evil — or the most miserable of people, an exile estranged from all that gives value and warmth to human life.

so what do you think?

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