Random links & thoughts:

~ A living room made entirely of Belgian chocolate.

~ I was bummed to find out that Google Reader is going away this summer. I’ve used it for years to read my favorite blogs. I’m giving feedly a try.

~ The Holocaust was worse than we thought.

~ Here’s a peek at Trevin Wax on What We Talk About When We Talk About Rob Bell:

…Bell eliminates more paradoxes than traditional Christian teaching does.

It’s traditional Christianity that portrays God as holy and wrathful against sin while being gracious and loving towards the sinner. For all Bell’s talk about embracing “both/and,” it’shis vision of Christianity that emphasizes God being for us, to the exclusion of any idea that God would stand over us in judgment.

Traditional Christianity doesn’t just include “both” but “triple” truths – God against us in our sin, God instead of us as sinners, and God for us as the Justifier. Far from diluting the beauty of God in His transcendence, traditional Christian dogma leaves us with unresolvable tensions and paradoxes galore: free will and sovereignty, God in us and yet distinct from us, the Trinity, the inclusive call to salvation from an exclusive Savior. The list goes on.

The paradoxes of traditional Christianity multiply in ways that stimulate the imagination. Bell’s teaching lacks that kind of substance.

Bell’s book goes down easy, kind of like whipped cream without the cake. God is ahead of us, beckoning society forward, and (how convenient!) it just so happens to be in the direction that society is already headed. Who would have thought?

~ Nancy Wilson on Contentment

~ American girls charted by the Beach Boys

~ Janie has me itching to read Frank Delaney’s Ireland. When this semester is over…

~ You stand a VERY good chance at this point of winning my latest book giveaway.  Pop on over and check it out.

~ Speaking of books, this new series by Leland Ryken looks excellent.

~ I’ve been looking through some old pictures lately. Here are some of my babies and me:


~ It’s a busy week of the usual with the added yuck of taxes. Blech.

I’m off to work to earn some money so I can send more to D.C. (Just as I finished typing that sentence, Loverboy’s Working for the Weekend came on my iPod. Coincidence? I think not.)
Have a good Wednesday,

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