You can probably tell by my somewhat regular Saturday posts that I particularly enjoy this day of the week. Today has been especially good, and I feel like my cup is overflowing. My kids are home for Easter break, and I’ve acquired some extra peeps (I’m not talking about the nasty candy kind). My house is full, and so is my heart. I am content. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.

will, anna, caroline, eliza, jamie

will (he refused to pose normally), anna, caroline, eliza, jamie

This morning I had some time with Will that included errands and a stop at Grassroots. Then I spent some time in the kitchen prepping salads for lunch tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating both Easter and my mom’s birthday, and I’m bringing a green salad full of lots of goodies and trying this fruit salad recipe. As I chopped and shredded, I visited with my kids and am filled with gratitude for them. God has been kind to me.

I ran some errands that included seeing my sister and my niece and then headed over to my parents’ house, sunroof open, music blasting, thanking God for His goodness in my life. I arrived to find Will and his girlfriend there, and we all sat around talking and laughing. I’m blessed. My family is the real deal.

I stopped in at Mr. Chick for a Diet Dr. Pepper over their drive-thru ice.


I swung through downtown T’ville to pick up my daughter and her friend, and I’m now at home munching popcorn and working on taxes and money management. My peeps went to the movies, and I’m looking forward to an Easter Day with them. And I’m trying to figure out a way to swipe Will’s book without him knowing:


(Want some proof that I live in the Bible Belt? Here ya go:)


Wishing y’all a Happy Easter,


2 thoughts on “saturday

  1. Contentment is a wonderful place to live. 😉 These are the times we are grateful for and hide these precious memories in our heart.
    Have a blessed Easter and tell “Mom” Happy Birthday. (Even though I don’t know her.)

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