“…if He created only the thumb…”

torturedFrom Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand:

I met a Russian couple, both sculptors. When I spoke to them about God, they answered,“No, God does not exist. We are bezboshniki—godless. But we will tell you something interesting that happened to us.

“Once we worked on a statue of Stalin. During the work, my wife asked me, ‘How about the thumb? If we did not have an opposing thumb—if our fingers were like our toes—we could not hold a hammer, mallet, tool, book, or piece of bread. Human life would be impossible without this little thumb. Now, who made the thumb? We both learned Marxism in school and know that heaven and earth exist by themselves. They are not created by God. So I have learned and so I be­lieve. But if God did not create heaven and earth, if He created only the thumb, He would be praiseworthy for this little thing.

“‘We praise Edison and Bell and Stephenson who have in­vented the electric bulb, telephone, railway, and other things. But why should we not praise the One who has invented the thumb? If Edison had not had a thumb, he would have invented nothing. It is only right to worship God who made the thumb.’”

The husband became very angry, as husbands very often do when their wives tell them wise things. “Don’t speak stupidities! You have learned that there is no God. You do not know if the house is bugged. We can get into trouble. Get into your mind once and for all that there is no God. In heaven there is nobody!”

She replied, “This is an even greater wonder. If in heaven there is an Almighty God, in whom in stupidity our fore­fathers believed, it would then be only natural that we should have thumbs. An Almighty God can do everything, so He can make a thumb, too. But if in heaven there is nobody, I will worship with all of my heart the ‘Nobody’ who has made the thumb.”

So they became worshippers of the “Nobody”! Their faith in this “Nobody” increased with time, believing Him to be the creator not only of the thumb, but also of the stars, flowers, chil­dren, and everything beautiful in life. It was just as in Athens in earlier times, when Paul met worshippers of the “unknown God” (Acts 17:23).

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