In a departure from my usual Saturday mornings, this morning I awoke to find stuffed animals being arranged on my head and face. My eight-year-old niece spent the night with me last night, and we did the typical slumber party activities: ate pizza, watched movies, had some ice cream, put on our pajamas, and stayed up late (for me). She even introduced me to Extreme Couponing, a show that repulsed me.

So my morning began with chatting with my niece, having donuts for breakfast, and then drawing together. I took her to lunch at her favorite spot — Zaxby’s — before dropping her off at her house.





My Anglo-Saxon lit final exam and paper are due next week, so this is a weekend to study, read, and write.


As if trying to keep straight names like Byrthnoth, Vortigern, Ecgtheow, Healfdene, and Ongentheow wasn’t challenging enough, I also had to get on my hands and knees and get chewing gum out of my dryer. Good times.

With the laundry done and my eyelids drooping, I headed to the coffee shop to load up on caffeine and tackle Anglo-Saxon lit again. My sunny spot in the window eventually got too hot and sunny, so I packed up and picked up groceries on the way home.

Now I’m back home with notes and books spread out everywhere. I’ll be studying for another hour or two before I call it a night, heat up some leftover pizza, and crash early.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one,


One thought on “saturday

  1. I had an Aunt Anne who let me spend nights with her. She was actually my Great Aunt, and she would make me tea and English muffins for breakfast. I’m sure your niece will remember sleepovers like this. I love her colorful pictures!

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