“…he hath ever performed, and he hath over performed…”

heavenonearthOn the goodness of God from Thomas Brooks’ Heaven on Earth: (emphasis mine)

“The Lord will give grace and glory, and no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly,” Ps. 84.11. If he will withhold no good thing, then certainly he will not always withhold assurance, which is the great good thing, the only thing, the chiefest thing, the peculiar thing that believers seek after...God hath been always as good as his Word, yea, he hath sometime been better than his Word; he hath ever performed, and he hath over performed…Ah, how often hath God gone before us with his blessings, and given us such mercies as have been as far beyond our hopes as our deserts. How hath God, in these days of darkness and blood, gone beyond the prayers, desires, hopes, and confidences of his people in this land, and beyond what we could read in the book of the promises.

Then Brooks shows us the contrast:

Satan promises the best, but pays with the worst: he promises honour and pays with disgrace, he promises pleasure and pays with pain, he promises profit and pays with loss, he promises life and pays with death; but God pays as he promises, all his payments are made in pure gold; therefore take these promises wherein God hath engaged himself to assure thee of his love…

Oh, to remember this!

so what do you think?

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