I’m sitting out on my back porch this evening, enjoying the fading light and the pleasant spring weather. A duck is making a ruckus beside the pond, and a neighbor’s dog is barking. The street lamps are coming on, one by one. I’ve had a productive day at work and at home, and I’m feeling rather carefree on my school break. It has put me in a reflective mood.

I’m thinking about this past year and its pain, and yet, here I sit, content and grateful. Hopeful, even.

I talked with my daughter tonight, and she expressed a truth that I know deep in my soul, too: We’re doing well, by God’s grace. He has been so good to us. And we wouldn’t know Him nearly so well if we hadn’t had to cling to Him as the earth shifted under our feet. You don’t find out He’s your refuge until you’ve had to flee to Him for refuge — until you become a refugee.


If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be glad today about where I am, I’d have thought you were crazy — and mean. But, you know what? The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. My children are healthy and happy and maturing in Christ. My life is full of good people. I have many reasons to get up every morning.

With a glad and grateful heart,

3 thoughts on “contentment

  1. When the path is painful, it is so difficult to see how he is carrying us isn’t it? How sweet are the moments when we can look back and see that it was true. Thank you for sharing this sweet post.

  2. God is good all the time!! Only He can give us a joy that surpasses all understanding…true contentment. Thanks for your thoughts and words, Anne. Not only do they challenge me in my thinking and behavior but they bring a smile to my face to see how God is drawing you close to Him!

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