~ Wise words:

This is not surefire, but the very best way to perpetuate affliction is to chafe and grumble under it.

Read the whole thing.

~ 19-year olds are not children.

~ 20 words we owe to William Shakespeare.

~ The Toomer’s trees are gone. So very sad.

~ Jean is writing a series on suffering. Her words articulate what I’ve felt:

God’s goodness is no longer a theory I struggle to believe, an equation that doesn’t quite add up, a sentence I can’t parse. Instead, it becomes real, tangible, precious. He is there, so close I swear I could reach out and touch him. Something in me lightens and lifts its face to his light.

I look back over the long months and begin to see how this has changed me. All of the Bible’s words about suffering, that for so long sounded like ill-tuned bells in my ears, heard with gritted teeth and small appreciation, suddenly ring with a true chime, and I wonder that I was deaf to them before.

~ George Bush is smarter than you. And me.

~ We can do better than “unconditional love”:

…God’s love is more than unconditional, for it is intended to change those who receive it. “Unconditional” often connotes “you’re okay.” But there is something wrong with you. The word “unconditional” may well express the welcome of God, but it does not well express the point of his welcome.

Read the whole thing.

~ An alternative to “Meh”.

~ “Who has the worst chance of surviving a prisoner of war camp? An optimist!

Off to what promises to be a busy work day,


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