On a Saturday that felt much longer than 24 hours, my parents and I began our day around 4 a.m.  At 5, continuing a long family tradition of road trips, we left the southernmost part of the state, headed for the northernmost to bring Caroline home for the summer and to meet Will’s future in-laws. The rain started not too long after we got on the road and it never let up all day. I really do think I need to buy a pair of rain boots just for my visits to Lookout Mountain!


We made it up the mountain by noon, and there we were faced with Caroline’s very own personal mountain of belongings that looked impossible to fit in my parents’ minivan. My dad organized the loading and was completely soaked. Caroline had to cast off a few items to her brother in order for us to have a place to sit in the van. We were packed to the ceiling, and we could only laugh at our travels in true Griswold fashion.

Finally, the loading was complete and we were able to sit down in the Great Hall with Anna’s parents and brother for a little visit before they had to get ready for the graduation ceremony. I really enjoyed meeting them, and I’m so grateful that God has brought sweet Anna into Will’s life and that her parents have been kind to my son.


After a stop at Starbucks, we began heading down the mountain, only to come upon another accident scene — this one fatal. The weather was terrible, and that’s such a dangerous road in the best of conditions.

Our original plan had been to drive over to my parents’ mountain cabin in North Carolina (around 2 hours away) and spend the night. But with the weather so terrible and forecast to be terrible through Sunday there, my dad suggested we tough it out and head back home. We all decided we’d rather do that, and here in my own bed on Sunday morning after traveling about 750 miles, I’m so very glad we did.


Despite the cramped conditions, the very long day, the rain, and the exhaustion, we had fun together laughing and remembering. My daughter’s Facebook status said it well:

There’s nothing like a car ride for hours with your grandparents and your mama. Stories on stories and laughs on laughs on laughs. It’s good to be home.

Yes, it’s good to have at least one chick back in the nest for a time. And I’m so very grateful for my parents who once again were there for me and my children. I’m thankful, too, for safe travels on slick highways and for being home.

God is good,

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