~ Gluttony: the socially acceptable sin:

At its simplest, gluttony is the soul’s addiction to excess. It occurs when taste overrules hunger, when want outweighs need. And in America, where upsizing has always been part of the American dream, it’s often difficult to distinguish what is hard-earned achievement and what is indulgent excess. In this sense, even the most athletic and toned among us can be gluttons. Any of us can be.

All desire for excess stems from a lack of satisfaction. I’m not satisfied with my portion—be it the portion on my plate, in the marriage bed, or in my bank account. Because I’m not satisfied with my portion, I then seek a greater portion. But because every portion is a finite part of a finite whole, I am constantly chasing an excess that can never satisfy.

~ A really good look at the ‘new legalism’

~ Interesting — antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain sufferers.

~ A warning about visual religion

~ If I were teaching logic, we could spend a few days going through the logical fallacies in President Obama’s recent graduation speech. And if I were teaching American history, we could put his words up against what the founders believed.

~ They apologized? Apologized? Heads should be rolling and folks should be in jail! This is exactly right:

Do you think ObamaCare will be administered with any more fairness?

~ Dennis Prager is right yet again.

~ I love this on the tuning fork of the soul.

~ Brace yourself for suffering.

~ More books to add to the wish list.

Happy weekend!


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