A pleasant day with my girl…

She slept in while I went to work. I got home around lunch time and heated up the spaghetti she made for our supper last night.

Then she drove me to Tallahassee to run an errand or two. I really enjoyed her company, and we laughed a lot. We stopped in at Starbucks where I redeemed my free birthday drink coupon. We browsed in Sephora (she knows just about everything about every product there!) and Bath & Body Works (I bought a new candle.). We also picked up some things at Target and the grocery store.

She drove us home in the rain as we sang along to Seal, Coldplay, and Greg Laswell.


We ordered pizza for supper, and I talked with a friend for a while about some fun stuff coming up.


A good day. I’m grateful.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one,


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