random thoughts

~ I’m glad to have my daughter home. She’s good company. And it was music to my ears recently when I walked over to the kitchen sink, and she said, “Don’t touch those.”

~ I love pine trees.


~ I’m really glad my car has a sunroof. It’s good for my mental health.

~ Anyone remember when President Obama joked about auditing his opponents?

~ I had to get a new battery for my MacBook Pro this week. The computer guy said, “Are you sure I can’t talk you into switching to an IBM?” Seriously???? There is no way.

~ If you don’t seek wisdom from wise people, you just might be a scoffer. I think the same is true of seeking advice only from those you know will tell you what you want to hear.

~ After living near water for most of my adult life, I really miss it. I don’t need to be in it — just near enough to look at it.

~ My vision is getting worse by the day. I now have to search for my reading glasses before I can put on a bracelet. And I have to keep a pair in my purse for work and for reading menus.

~ I love to travel, but I’ve been on hiatus for about a year. I’m looking forward to a couple of trips this summer.

~ Books have begun to arrive for my summer term:


~ All of the scandals in the news this week are really not news. They’re just the natural consequences of progressive ideology.

Have a great weekend,

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