“Life accumulates irrelevancies…”

prayingpsalmsFrom Eugene H. Peterson’s Praying With the Psalms:

I remember the days of old, I think about all your deeds, I meditate on the works of your hands. ~ Psalm 143:5

Life accumulates irrelevancies as a ship acquires barnacles. Each item seems harmless in itself, but in the mass they sink us into sluggish immobility. Then some trouble invades our inertia and forces reflection; we see our lives in relation to God (“I meditate on the works of your hands”) and realize our primary needs (“my soul thirsts for you”).

PRAYER: God, too much of my life is deadweight — habit, routine, and duty that have become separated from you. Wake me to my essential, eternal relationships. I will go over again what I know of your ways and reorder my ways by what I learn in Jesus Christ. Ā Amen.

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