psalmsstudyKathleen Nielson’s Psalms study has me working through Psalm 98, and a prominent theme there is the Lord’s salvation. Dr. Nielson writes:

Scripture is the whole story of salvation, of God’s deliverance — his saving of a death-doomed people. That salvation was from the beginning found in Jesus Christ, who was promised; who then came and died for the sins of sinful people; who rose again, conquering death; and who will come again to judge and to reign forever — as we shall anticipate at the end of Psalm 98. What this psalm focuses on at its start is the joy of this salvation, a consistent theme throughout Scripture.

If the joy of salvation is a consistent theme throughout Scripture, it ought to be a consistent theme in God’s people. What would that look like? Consider Isaiah 12:2-3.

Behold, God is my salvation;
I will trust, and will not be afraid;
for the LORD GOD is my strength and my
and he has become my salvation.

With joy you will draw water from the well of salvation.

I love that picture of drawing water from the well of salvation — with joy! I’m going to work to keep this thought in mind as I go throughout my day — to meditate on how confidence and joy in the Lord’s salvation leads to trust and boldness. It is a song for my soul to sing.

Will you sing it with me?


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