“…sweetly fed and fattened.”

cassiodorusCassiodorus on the Psalms:

The Psalter appears like a heavenly sphere thick with twinkling stars and, so to speak, like a beautiful peacock that is adorned with round eyes and a rich and lovely variety of colors. The Psalter is indeed a paradise for souls, containing numberless fruits on which the human soul is sweetly fed and fattened.

My soul is currently being “sweetly fed and fattened” by studying Psalm 103, using Kathleen Nielson’s Psalms study as my guide. I’m thinking about the verbs in verses 3-5 — what the LORD does for his people:

  • forgives our iniquity
  • heals our diseases
  • redeems our lives from the pit
  • crowns us with steadfast love and mercy
  • satisfies us with good so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s

Each of those verbs is something I cannot do for myself. Only the LORD can do them. And He does!

Grateful this Friday morning,


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