Another good Saturday…

~ A slow start, with no alarm clock.

~ Laundry.

~ Took Caroline to church where she met up with a few folks for a youth trip. She’s an assistant youth worker this summer, and they’re spending the week in Mississippi.

~ Ran errands:



That second shopping cart had a little problem. I loaded it with several sets of blinds for my new place, and as I wheeled it down the aisle, the panel underneath the handle gave way and the blinds slid out onto the floor. A kind man helped me settle them into another cart, and he told me the same thing happened to him there last week.

~ Got my car washed.

~ Studied at Grassroots, sipping on an iced tea.

~ Shopped for gifts downtown.

~ Did some more packing and cleaning.

~ Out to dinner with my sister and niece.

~ Grocery shopping.

I’m grateful for a day to catch up on things that are tough to get to during my work week. And I’m grateful for peace and contentment.

God is good,


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