a hipster?!

So… last week, I posted this picture on Instagram:


And shortly thereafter, these comments appeared:


I’m not sure how a 45-year-old woman can be a hipster. I wear reading glasses because my vision is failing me, my car isn’t particularly eco-friendly (and that wasn’t my primary concern when buying it), and I study at a coffee shop because too many things at home distract me and sometimes I need a change of scenery. Could I really be a hipster? Or are my kids just messing with me? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “a hipster?!

  1. Your kids are messing with you. Unless you also wear shades indoors, refuse to listen to musicians who have been signed to actual recording labels, think patchouli is an underrated cologne, and can’t decide whether your exercise should focus on “P90X” or Pilates. In that case, the kids have a point lovingly made. But the coffee shop? Don’t sweat its name. I’m 47, demonstrably un-hipsterish, and rather fond of a local java joint myself. What’s confusing is that I get hipster points for my car (a Volvo), but then lose those same points because the car is 14 years old.

    • Hah! Well, I say, that if what you like (need) to do and own lands you somewhere in that category, just embrace it (though aren’t hipsters supposed to eschew labels?). I have a pair of jeans that are “shamrock green”, which I wear with Converse shoes (I’m tall, and have large feet, so glitsy shoes have never been my ‘thing’), have liked satchel-style hand bags since I was a teenager, genuinely like folk music, studied Natural Resource Management before it was cool, did crochet about 15 years before that was cool, shop in thrift stores because they’re cheaper and I believe in the recycling, prefer less chemicals in my food … and so if anyone consequently wants to call me a hipster I say, well fine then. 🙂

  2. I did an Anne and looked it up in the urban dictionary and you are part hipster, part cool and you rock. And that’s the truth!! 😊

  3. Thanks, Joanie! you made my day! But I mostly see myself as a nerdy bookworm who has a strange affinity for office supplies and organization. 😉

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