Yesterday was the first day of moving over to my new place. Fortunately, it’s only across the highway from where I’ve been living this past year, but it still requires countless trips, lots of muscle, and total chaos at both locations. I took off work yesterday and had good help, and we got more done than we’d anticipated. Today my mom was the only one free to do any work at the new place, but she got a lot of cleaning done. We’re looking at rain tomorrow, so we’re praying that we can get the old place emptied out first thing in the morning. Then I’ll be digging out of the mess at the new place for who knows how long.

I’m overwhelmed.

I’ve moved often, and the exhaustion and mental overload are familiar. Every single time, it looks like I’ll never get the new place put together and feeling like home. But ever single time, it comes together and feels like home. I’m trying to remind myself that right now, with aching muscles, weariness to the point of tears,  and no rest in sight.

And I’m reminding myself that God is good. And His people (my people!) are good. I’m so grateful for all of the help I’m receiving.



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