Well, He’s done it again.

God continues to take good care of me and to love me through His people. Last night as we followed the weather forecasts, my brother-in-law arranged a moving crew with a covered truck. They arrived bright and early this morning, and — low and behold — there was no rain. None all day. My old place was emptied and everything was at my new house by noon. My aunt and uncle drove over from Alabama to help. They, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law all pitched in and had my old place cleaned, and worked magic at my new house — most of the furniture arranged, some plumbing issues resolved, and even some pictures up on the walls. It’s feeling like home.

In all my moves, I really think this one has been the smoothest.

Still overwhelmed — but by His goodness, not my anxiety.



2 thoughts on “in

  1. So glad everything went so well. Family is the best and so are those who have covered trucks! ☺ Welcome to your new home!

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