I used to be pretty crafty back when my children were younger. I always had a sewing project going either for our home or for Caroline. I needlepointed, decorated cakes, and painted. Once I started homeschooling, all of that came to a halt.

That is, until last night when, instead of studying, I decided to make a wreath for my front door. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s summery and brightens up my front porch:


And then, again tonight, I put off my studying to make something. I wanted a bulletin board for my new office, so I used a framed print that I no longer liked, added a sheet of corkboard, and toned down the gold frame.


Once I put it up on the wall, I realized that my plain white thumbtacks weren’t going to cut it, so I heated up the glue gun and added some old buttons to them:


And now, with that done, it’s time to pull out the books.

Oh, wait. I need to do some ironing…


2 thoughts on “crafts

  1. Reminds me of a children’s book: When You Give A Mouse A Cookie. (procrastination>craft ideas>wreath>bulletin board>tacks>buttons>>>?) Perhaps a new adult version: When You Give Adults Homework. Whatcha think?

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