monday miscellany

~ Inside the multi-million dollar essay-scoring business. Disturbing.

~ Your boss owes you a paycheck, not fulfillment:

But one of the corresponding conclusions that many seem to draw from this is that each of us has some perfect occupational sweet spot that, when we find it and begin laboring in it, will cause the planets to align and all of our wildest dreams to come true. This is a myth, pure myth. The world is fallen and the world of occupations is fallen. There are times when God blesses us with a sense of deep fulfilment and accomplishment in our work. Thank God when it happens. But there are times when your work is tedious and a drudgery. That calls for confession of sin, not necessarily a hunt for a new job.

As they say, read the whole thing.

~ People with a lot of self-control are happier. If you regularly read Proverbs, you already suspect this.

~ How to make a decent cup of tea. (an old essay from Christopher Hitchens) He’s so right about ordering tea in the U.S. A little pot of tepid water and a Lipton tea bag just don’t cut it. This loose English breakfast tea is currently my favorite.

~ What if your gluten intolerance is all in your head?

~ Lay aside the weight of “not feeling like it”:

The pattern is this: the greater joys are obtained through struggle and difficulty and pain, while brief, unsatisfying, and often destructive joys are right at our fingertips. Why is this?

Because God, in great mercy, is showing us everywhere, in things that are just shadows of heavenly realities, that there is a great reward for those who struggle through and persevere (Hebrews 10:32–35). He is reminding us almost everywhere to walk by faith in a promised future and not by the sight of immediate gratification (2 Corinthians 5:7).

~ I found this article on The Valley of Vision very interesting.

And now I’m off to begin an abbreviated work week.  Some really good stuff is on my calendar for the rest of the week, and I’ll fill you in when I can.

Happy Monday,


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