So…that post yesterday (or was it the day before? I’ve lost track of time.) about air travel is apropos. I’m currently traveling, and for the first time in a lot of years of flying, I had to camp out all night in an airport. Weather (or so they said) delayed my first leg of the trip, and that got me in for my connection 15 minutes too late. Lots of folks are in my situation, so there were no hotels or even rental cars available. I found a spot by the open-all-night Starbucks and settled in. It wasn’t as creepy as I thought, and the people-watching kept it interesting. The folks I was sitting with had interesting stories about how they got stranded. 3 of them missed their flight because the airplane left early. Crazy.

While I was on the phone with the airline (standing in line is a waste of time, in my experience), my parents texted me info about a flight that the airline folks weren’t telling me about. I managed to convince the reluctant woman to get me on that one so that I don’t miss the first event I’m to attend today. I’m now at my gate waiting for my flight out, hoping that my luggage catches up with me at some point today. The gals I’ll be seeing later today will appreciate it if I can get some fresh clothes on!

It’s not lost on me that as I drove to the airport this afternoon, I prayed that I’d trust God no matter what or who came my way today. Apparently He got right on that. As disappointed as I am to have missed some of the time I’ll be spending with a friend and to have lost a night of sleep, He gave me a calm that is sadly not the norm for me. My usual M.O. is to get tense to the point of a stomach ache. But not this time. Thank You, Lord!

Some of my observations in the airports:

~ It’s just a wee bit ironic to see people who weigh upwards of 300 pounds stressed about their checked bag weighing more than 50.

~ Most men dress like toddlers these days — baggy shorts, untucked shirts, baseball caps. I’m sure it’s comfortable, but it’s not attractive.

~ Once again, Starbucks saves the day — and night.

~ Free, fast wifi in an airport is a blessing. So are electrical outlets.

~ A lot of floor-cleaning goes on in the middle of the night in an airport, including a zamboni-type vacuum cleaner.

~ Those recorded messages about keeping an eye on your bags? They’re on ALL night long.

~ I’ve found that airline employees, when they bother to offer any information at all, usually pass along mis-information.

On another note, I’ve almost finished a book. I’m going to get back to it now.



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