“Each of us is in the middle of a story.”

A theme in my reading these days:

deathbylivingFrom N.D. Wilson’s Death by Living:

No matter how trendy it might be when some people say it, life is a story. All of history is a story. Every particle has its own story trailing backward until it reaches the first Word of the One and Three, and all of those trailing threads — those many — are woven into the one great ever-growing divinely spoken narrative.

In other words, no matter how trite we might be, no matter how much we might use the idea to inflate our own perception of our own personal autonomous self-worth, no matter how much we might swank about in trend-appropriate glasses and trend-appropriate jeans, flexing Story like that one word and the thoughtfulness it implies is all the mojo we could ever need. We are, in fact, on to something. Each of us is in the middle of a story.

But for some reason, we don’t show the slightest desire to read it, let alone live it with any kind of humble self-awareness.

And proverbs wisdomfrom Ray Ortlund’s Proverbs: Wisdom That Works

If your story is limited to the blessings of the here and now, you are in trouble, because your vats bursting with wine will also run dry. But if your life in this world is only the title page to your eternal story, and God also gives you some barns and vats for the present, okay. Just be sure you set your heart not on the gift, which will certainly fail you, but on the Giver, who will certainly never fail you.

so what do you think?

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