Ahhhh. Today was a kind-of-sort-of normal Saturday, even though my body is still on Pacific time. I rose early to get ready to do a CAbi show at my sister’s house. That’s my new business, and it sure is fun to play with clothes! After the show, it was on to school work. Caroline & I parked at Grassroots, donned our reading glasses, and nerded out together.

The caffeine got me going again, and I came home to do laundry, go through mail, and organize my school and work stuff. Somehow I ended up scrubbing baseboards, and I’m not quite sure how that moved up so high on the priority list. Hey, it happens.

I caught up with a far-away friend via Skype, and that was a treat.

My office is back in order now, and my desk is cleaned off to make room for school work. I’m going to do some research for a science paper and try to go to bed on Georgia time instead of Idaho time.

I’m so glad to be home.


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