I’m so glad to be home. Today I’ve been content to be back in my normal routine, beginning the work week, doing the next thing.

For the next couple of weeks, most of those “next things” include studying, research, and writing, but I’ll power through, looking forward to a break in September.

And sometimes the next thing doesn’t make a lot of sense. Tonight, for example, I need to be sitting down, focused on either history, science, or Latin. Instead, I’ve decided it’s the time for reorganizing my bookshelves. I have a great excuse: I never really organized them when I moved last month, so it has been hard to find what I’m looking for. Tonight is just right for hauling books from one room to another, sorting them into categories (theology: Bible study, devotional, biography, counseling, parenting, etc.), and rearranging shelves.


Now, a mess thoroughly made in my office (stacks of books on the floor and shelves in disarray), I’ll play with my books for a few more minutes, make a cup of coffee (decaf!) and tackle some history work.


What about you?  Am I the only one who procrastinates by being productive in something totally unrelated to what I should be doing? Or who blogs about procrastinating?

Pressing on,


8 thoughts on “procrastination

  1. You are not alone. I remember the strangely compelling urge to vacuum the floor, or clean anything at all, when I was studying. But you have now also got me thinking about organising my own books, which don’t even pretend to be in any kind of order …

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