random thoughts

~ I was off work but still in town last month on a weekday — a rare event!– and I caught myself thinking that I could really get used to running errands during working hours. And then I realized that I can get used to pretty much anything. I’ve learned over this past year that I’m flexible.

~ I was flipping through stations in my car the other day and caught the end of a song, “I’d like to check you for ticks.”  Seriously.

~ Not sure how I ended up busier than ever in this particular season of life, but I’m very much looking forward to a break at the end of August. I can’t keep this pace up.

~ I wish I could figure out what about my posture causes one of my shoulders to ache.

~ Being in Idaho was like having a little preview of fall weather. Makes me want some Auburn football.

~ I haven’t had a soft drink since June 3rd. Maybe that’s why sales are down.

~ Soon and very soon, I’ll be able to read for fun. And it’s going to have to be books I already own because I need to take it easy on acquiring new ones.

~ I still love Friday Night Lights. A couple of times lately I’ve happened up on it while channel-surfing, and it’s just what I feel like watching these days.

~ In Idaho I saw a young woman with a Mason jar tattooed on her leg:


C’est la vie.


3 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. I have to tell you, again!, that I just love these random thoughts posts! 🙂

    Three things about the shoulder ache: Do you wear your purse on that shoulder? Or do you write with that hand? Or do you side-sleep on that shoulder? I’ve had occasions with each of those causing my shoulder to ache over time. Achiness has not place!

    Yah! for reading for fun! With my state of unwind these months, I feel rather pathetic considering my simple reads compared to yours.

    Congratulations on being this far through your master’s courses and the where-with-all to decide to take a break! 🙂


    • My shoulder is probably a combination of all three things you mentioned. It gives me trouble off and on, and I’m in an “on” phase right now.

      You very much deserve that “state of unwind”! Enjoy it!

  2. Anne, your comment about soft drink sales made me laugh. Thank you for that. Re the shoulder ache, “home rehab” with an elastic resistance band draped over a bannister or outdoors on one of the rungs on a set of monkey bars might help. Any physical therapist’s office can probably sell you resistance bands of varying strength cheaply, and they do work better than towels if you do a few reps gently several times a day. When the shoulder ache dissapates, you can keep the band or bands and gradually work your way up to doing chinups– anything “palms out” will strengthen your back and shoulders (anything palms in will focus more on your biceps).

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