I slept in until 8:30 on this rainy Saturday, and as soon as I realized that, I counted it a very good day. I’ve been craving some “catch-up” sleep, and I got it, especially considering I was asleep before 10 the night before. Thank You, Lord!

First thing after making my breakfast tea, I put a roast on, so the house smells glorious.

I got back in bed with my tea, spread out my books, and had some time with the Lord. He encouraged me, through His own Word and through some from Nancy Leigh Demoss.

Eventually, I got some laundry started, dressed, and gathered up my materials for a paper I have to write.

I settled in at Grassroots with a large latte and began putting together my thoughts on “Why Study Latin in the 21st Century?”  I had to leave home to work because, as I’ve written recently, I’m easily distracted. Somehow, it’s easier for me to tune out my surroundings in the coffee shop, and there I’m not tempted to scrub baseboards or clean out a closet. I got in almost 4 solid hours of work there before heading home.

I’ve done a little tweeting here and there, too:


More paper-writing at home, while cooking a meal for friends. A terrible storm blew in with all kinds of ruckus, including a brief power outage and a leak in my laundry room. My friend called and told me to bring their meal to church tomorrow because the weather was too bad tonight, so I’ve packed it up for later.

Now I’m back at work on my paper with occasional breaks to check on the leak (and to blog!). I think I’ll actually finish the assignment tonight and get some studying in for my final exam.

It has been a good day.

I hope yours has been, too,


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