where were you?

A co-worker asked me yesterday where I was on September 11th. I told her I was living in Montgomery, Alabama and in my second year of homeschooling Will and Caroline. He was a fourth grader, and she was in second. On that very mundane early fall morning, we were sitting at our dining room table with our books when my mom called and told me to turn on the television. And then I was on the phone with my sister as I watched the towers fall.

My little second grader drew her feelings that day:


A horrible day, wasn’t it? So much fear — was this just the beginning? Those people in New York City, Washington, DC, that field in Pennsylvania! Their families! All of those firemen! As a military family, what did it mean for our future? Who would do such a thing to our country? So many questions. Glued to the television.

Since that awful day, I’ve often heard it referred to as a tragedy. That makes me a little nuts. It is not simply a tragedy — something that just happened to happen to people. It was an act of war — acts of pre-meditated terror and evil inflicted on people like you and me. And then it was rejoiced over by other humans, twisted and dark and evil. Nope, not “just” a tragedy. It was evil.

Where were you?



2 thoughts on “where were you?

  1. I was homeschooling also. I left two of my children at home so I could drop the oldest off at art lessons. As I was driving back, a bulletin came on the radio that a “small plane” had crashed into the one of the towers. I was home to see the second tower hit.

    What is sad is that we may now be going to war with people of the same mindset as those who masterminded this evil. How we have fallen in 12 short years!!

  2. I was at Covenant College working in the Student Development office. I walked down through the mailroom where there is a TV and saw the news footage. Everyone was just standing there, frozen and looking at the screen.

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