praying Psalm 37

psalm 37I had a technical problem this morning that has kept me home from church. I woke fully intending to go worship, but my iPhone clock was unbeknownst to me still stuck in the central time zone from my trip yesterday. I figured this out 25 minutes before our worship service was to begin, and while I was still in my pajamas.

So this Sunday morning, I’m worshiping at home, praying Psalm 37:

LORD, may I trust in You and do good. May I dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.

Please show me what that means in this life you’ve marked out for me. What does it look like hour by hour, minute by minute to be faithful to You?

Help me to delight in You, knowing that when I do You promise to give me the desires of my heart.

Oh, LORD, may my heart truly find delight in You and not be distracted by the delights in this world that pale in comparison to Your glory. It’s soooo easy to get distracted. Help my heart’s desires to line up with Yours.

LORD, today I commit my way to You. May I trust in You and truly believe that You will act.

Help me, LORD, to be still before You. You know it’s not my default position. I’m a person who tends to get busy, who likes to check off my to-do list, who finds it hard to sit and wait. Yet, You command me to BE STILL. Help me to quiet my soul before You and wait.

Help me to wait patiently for You, not fretting because of others who are up to no good but seem to prosper. Help me to keep my eyes on You, not on them. You want me to wait WITH PATIENCE. Again, that does not come naturally to me. I need Your Spirit for that. I need Jesus for that.

LORD, help me to refrain from anger. It can flare up in me so quickly and sometimes it catches me by surprise. Help me to only get angry at what angers You, not at what interferes with my heart’s idols or inconveniences me. Help me to know the difference between righteous anger and sinful anger.

Father, help me to WAIT for you and keep Your way.

May I live today with the constant awareness that You are my stronghold at the time of trouble and may I take refuge in You.

Because of Christ and in His name, I pray.


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