I love fall. As we near the end of September here in southwest Georgia, we’re finally getting a tiny taste of it. I have mums on my front porch, but I have to wait on the pumpkins or they’ll rot and mildew well before the end of October. Today was much cooler than it has been for months, and as I sat out on my front porch this evening, there was a pleasant nip in the air that made me appreciate my coffee even more.


I love cooler temperatures, football, mums, caramel spice lattes, scented candles that smell like maple syrup and cinnamon, red and orange leaves, apples, pumpkins, and the way the light looks different. I love sitting on my front porch, reading as the light fades, sipping on a cup of coffee. I love fall clothes — the browns and other earth tones. I love school supplies even when I’m not in school — the pencils, fresh notebooks, and all the neat organizing tools.





Happy fall, y’all!

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