monday miscellany

~ Answers when life is hard

~ I, Bully:

Experts believe that children are basically good, and desire to learn how to avoid bullying. Those of us who are familiar with actual children know that the true situation is different. You can’t divide kids up into “bullies” and “victims.” The categories are fluid. Every kid has it in him to bully, by the same kind of instinct which causes chickens to single out a member of the flock who’s been wounded, and peck it to death.

~ If you want your faith to grow, read the Bible.

~ The best way to start your every day.

~ A prayer for the worried mom’s heart.

~ She yelled and called me names.

~ The loving intolerance of God:

The modern, cultural elite praise this virtue in every school setting, media outlet, and job training workshop. There seems to be no truer way to love another person than to fully accept everything about them. Christians have often joined the tidal wave of this mainstream value and often long to be known for their acceptance of others’ opinions and lifestyles. On the surface it seems to be a positive virtue, one that exemplifies the life of the Christian.

But have you ever considered that tolerance is never encouraged in the Bible? The fruit of the Spirit includes love and kindness, but missing from the list is tolerance. In fact, Christians aren’t called to tolerance, because we serve an intolerant God.

Happy Monday,

3 thoughts on “monday miscellany

  1. You usually have words written on your blog just for me or for my friends who are having difficult times. Thank you for leading me to the words of others and ultimately to the Word. You encourage me. You are a blessing.

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