miscellany & random thoughts

Links and thinks, all in one handy place because I’m tired and can’t sleep:

~ Finding happiness in horrible first jobs.

~ The easiest way to disagree with someone.

~ Watching Twilight with Will & Anna is a total snarkfest. What a lame movie but oh so target rich.

~ For Will: An army of robot baristas could mean the end of Starbucks as we know it.

~ 20 tips for personal devotions in the digital age.

~ I recently read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, in large part because the Ink Slinger so highly recommends it. Here are his 3 reasons you should read it.

~ A prayer for the worried mom’s heart.

~ I haven’t blogged much at all about politics, but I do stay pretty informed. And Obamacare is unfolding just as I expected, given my own experiences with government healthcare.

~ I’m not a fair weather football fan. I love Auburn no matter what. But it is so much more fun to see them win!

~ Somehow my life has become comprised of events that constantly surprise me, and one of those is that I’m now in the fashion business. It’s a lot of fun, and I’d appreciate it if you would check me out on Facebook and like my business if you’re so inclined. I really do love the clothes, the business model, the company, and the relationships.

~ My kids make me laugh.

~ If you ever visit Thomasville (and I recommend that you do), eat at Jonah’s.

~ I have this thing about Greek salads, and I can’t get enough. Right now, I think that Jonah’s has the best in town, but I’m willing to be convinced by another restaurant. Meanwhile, I’ll make my own and eat one just about every day.

~ I’ve had a full house while my kids are home for fall break, with each bringing home a significant other. It has been fun.

~ Math proves bacon is a miracle food. Finally, math is good for something. Just kidding. Sort of.

~ On a related subject, should math really be a required subject?



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