Another random collection…

~ Amazon just launched Kindle MatchBook. If you’ve purchased certain titles there in the dead-tree version, you can now purchase them for Kindle for $2.99 or less. Pretty cool. “Real” books are my favorite, but I do enjoy my Kindle for travel and for keeping handy in my purse. It makes me much more patient when I have to wait somewhere.

~ 7 Sabbath killers

~ Check out the price on this ESV Journaling Bible. CRAZY!

~ Dennis Prager on the president who has done the most damage.

~ Thomas Sowell on Race-Hustling Results:

Some people try to explain why Asians, and Asian-Americans, succeed so well in education and in the economy by some special characteristics that they have. That may be true, but their success may also be due to what they do not have — namely “leaders” who tell them that the deck is so stacked against them that they cannot rise, or at least not without depending on “leaders.”

~ Wise or Foolish? One Simple Test.

~ Manifesting Jesus in my struggles.

One thing I have noticed about the Psalms, those that begin on a discouraging note don’t stay there. There are a few exceptions, but by and large the Psalms that begin down in the dumps conclude with the Psalmist soaring over his troubles and rejoicing. In between the dumps and the soaring is a whole lot of truth. So following the pattern of the wise men of the Old Testament, you and I have to go back to the basics and preach truth to ourselves.

As out of control and discouraging as your life may appear, God is in complete control of the situation. The truth is that God is fully aware of your circumstances. Nothing that is happening is catching Him by surprise because He has the long view. He knows the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10) and He says that what He intends will be accomplished as a result of this time.

Happy Wednesday!


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