new mercies this morning

God has been working on me in the gratitude area for a couple of years now, constantly reminding me of the importance of turning my heart to Him in thanksgiving. This morning, He reminded me through a devotional in Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s The Quiet Place. Here is her exhortation at the end of today’s reading:

Take a few moments to focus on and enumerate the mercies you have received from His hand since waking up this morning.

Well, I took her up on that and made a quick list of those new mercies that He’s given me since 5:45 this morning (in no particular order):

  • life — I woke up!
  • health
  • a comfortable home
  • electricity & hot water
  • a selection of clothes to wear
  • hot tea
  • internet/technology that connects me to others
  • His written Word in my language
  • the ability to read
  • godly teachers/books
  • quiet, uninterrupted time with Him
  • a job to get ready for
  • healthy children
  • my church
  • my small group that meets tonight & the material we’re studying together
  • family
  • friends
  • His relentless pursuit of my sanctification
  • a refrigerator and pantry filled with food
  • a reliable car

That’s just a quick pass at it! Oh, He’s good to me! How about you? What new mercies can you thank him for this morning?


One thought on “new mercies this morning

  1. Love doing that! So encouraging. I write mine in a book, I am now on # 674 and still going at it. Such a great way to be grateful and it does cultivate gratitude. These days I rejoice daily in the mercies of being a grandmother. 🙂

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