Oh, how I love Saturdays! My new job doesn’t include Saturday work, so I’m enjoying a day at home. I could not believe it when I looked at the clock first thing this morning — 8:33! Yes! And with the cooler temperatures, my bed felt so cozy. I made a pot of tea, got the newspaper off the front porch, and got right back into that warm, soft bed. I read, had my devotional time, surfed the web, and talked with my mom.

Finally, I got up to take on my to-do list. First thing after showering and dressing was getting laundry started. I’m still amazed at how easy laundry is to do in the US (those Europeans are woefully behind in this area!), and how small my laundry piles are in this empty nest. So this is me NOT complaining about laundry, which is an indication that God can truly change hearts and minds! And I’m not really joking about this at all.

And then to take on my big project: painting my entertainment center. It’s a hand-me-down from my sister and her husband, and I’m going to paint it black and change out the hardware. It’s pretty big and comes in three sections, with shelves and cabinets. I’m attacking it a section at a time. I’ll share before and after pics eventually, but here’s a look at it in progress, the first coat:


While I was working on that project, I watched the Auburn – Tennessee football game. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:


I was also blessed with a long phone conversation with my daughter. It was good to catch up. We text frequently, but nothing beats hearing her voice — except seeing her face, of course.

The sun is shining, the temperature is just where I like it, college football is on tv, and I’m accomplishing something at home. Yep, a very good day so far!

I hope yours is good, too!

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