Once again, a smorgasbord of links from the serious to the silly:

~ Sinstroke:

I once saw a guy having a heatstroke. We were on a military exercise in the desert in California, where the temperature was hitting 120 degrees every day. So it is not surprising that this Marine was overcome by the heat. But the strange thing was that when I grabbed him to start carrying him to the corpsman, he had two canteens on his belt that were both completely full of water. Here was a guy that was having a possibly fatal medical emergency that was being brought on by dehydration. But he had all the water that he needed on his waist. He just wouldn’t drink it. The reason is that when you start to get dehydrated, one of the first things that happens is you start to get nauseated. And when you are nauseated, you don’t want to drink. You are repelled by the very thing that you most need.

It struck me how much our sin is like that.

Do read the whole thing.

~ Why French kids don’t have ADHD. I did notice while living and traveling in Europe how very different children are treated. For example, you don’t see kids’ menus in restaurants. Children eat what adults eat and participate in the conversation. I didn’t see as many children “plugged in” to a Gameboy or iPhone or iPad while their parents enjoyed a meal as I do here in the U.S.  Not long ago at a local restaurant, I saw a family of four at a table: Mom was playing with her phone, Dad was on his, and the kids were watching something on an iPad. Family dinner.

~ Even more terrible things are happening to the American Girl doll brand than you thought: “Maybe we get the dolls we deserve. ”

~ 5 truths about Christian suffering

~ 5 reasons you should write in your books

~ 13 nutrition lies that made the world sick and fat

~ I’m a Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch fan, so this sounds good.

~ Having lived in Rome for a year, I found this one interesting: Italy — The Nation That Crushes Its Young.

~ And as someone who has spent many an hour on an airplane, this one caught my eye: Whose Feet Are Those? Negotiating Air-Travel Etiquette:

Forget paying extra for more legroom seats. These days I’d pay to sit next to someone who keeps his socks on. On recent flights I’ve had bare feet beside me, on the back of my armrest, on the bulkhead in front of me. Once, upon feeling something push through the sliver of space where the seat back and bottom meet, I reached behind me and grabbed a stranger’s toes.

Eeeeew. Have I ever told you about the baby (not *my* baby) who threw up in my boots early on in a New York to Paris flight? Well, I’ll spare you the details.

~ How ’bout my Tigers? This season has been a welcome surprise, but two very tough games remain. Still, it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Have a good Tuesday!

One thought on “miscellany

  1. Thank you for sharing this collection of links…lot of good reading here. On writing in books, I’ve still never been able to do it, but maybe it’s time to change my thinking 🙂

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