random thoughts & miscellany

~ I’m not a fan of tattoos, but I understand that some people find them meaningful. It puzzles me, though, why people post pictures of theirs on pinterest when their skin is inflamed all around the new tattoo. That’s gross.

~ A is my favorite letter. I like the way it looks.

~ If I have chips in my house, I will eat them.

~ Pajama Boy has to be one of the worst marketing ideas ever. And, honestly, I’m just sick of the government trying to sell us on Obamacare. It’s backwards. They’re supposed to work for us and represent us. Instead, they’re trying to convince us that it’s good for us.

~ I have thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas season. There are several reasons for this, I think. The main one is that God has been exceedingly good to work contentment into my heart. I’m truly happy, deep, deep down in my bones, more so than I’ve been in years. I’m also grateful for and have been trying to follow advice like this. I’m finding that having no expectations of others is really freeing. #thingsiwishidlearnedearlier

~ Some wisdom from Proverbs and delusions of diligence:

The difference between the lazy man and the diligent is not whether or not they can work. It’s whether or not they can work without a boss pushing them.

~ When laughter is an act of defiance.

~ What must you leave behind?

~ on photography and remembering – I’ve never understood why someone (and I’ve seen plenty of people doing it) would take photos of every work of art in a museum or even videotape the entire trip to Disney World. But the premise of this article is a little weird to me. I don’t really take photographs so that I will remember every detail. Just yesterday I was looking through several years of photos on my laptop and kept coming across things I’d forgotten about. The photographs reminded me. And as I looked at some of them, I could remember all kinds of things surrounding the subject matter and when/where it was taken. Isn’t that the point of most photographs?

~ How not to repent

~ Caroline tweeted one of our recent conversations:


~ I recently tried out a recipe for pesto cheese bread that I found on pinterest. I can recommend it!

~ I took a dialect quiz, and I’m not at all surprised by the results:


Happy Christmas week, y’all!

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