3650 project

bibleAs I recently mentioned, I’ll be following the 3650 plan for my Bible-reading this year. (That’s what I used in 2012, and it was essential to my surviving that most terrible of years.) Basically, the plan is to read 10 chapters of Scripture a day.

This year I’ll be using the ESV Journaling Bible that my sister gave me for Christmas. I’ve printed out my bookmarks and put them in their places. I did change 2 of them, however. I changed the Acts bookmark to Romans and added Acts to another bookmark. I read the passages from front to back in my Bible, and not in the order that they’re labelled.

I can usually get the readings done in less than thirty minutes. In the past, on some days I’ve read some of the chapters in the morning and some in the evening. If I get behind, I read extra to catch up. The readings aren’t tied to a date, so you can start any time, and if you miss a day, you’re not really off a schedule.

In 2012, I found that reading in ten different places allowed me to see connections that I hadn’t seen before. And you don’t get bogged down in those tough books like Leviticus and Numbers.

Here’s an old post from Bob Kauflin on why he likes the plan:

I’m encountering God in his Word more often.

You might think that reading so much of the Bible at one time doesn’t allow time for reflection and engaging with God. That hasn’t been my experience. It usually takes me between 30-45 minutes to read 14 [He’s doubling up on some of the readings.] chapters. I read at a normal pace, but still have time to meditate on, cross-reference, or memorize a passage. And frequently I’m aware of God’s Spirit speaking to me, working on my heart, molding my will to his own.

Obviously, Prof. Horner’s plan isn’t for everyone. Meditating on smaller portions of Scripture has great value as well. But if you’ve been wanting to experience more of God in his Word and to grow in your knowledge of Scripture as a whole, I’d encourage you to try it for a month.

Here are some more resources.

If you decide to read your Bible this way in 2014, will you let me know?

But whether you use this method or not, I encourage you to read your Bible. So does John Piper:

Don’t rest on past reading. Read your Bible more and more every year. Read it whether you feel like reading it or not. And pray without ceasing that the joy return and pleasures increase.

Anyone with me?


8 thoughts on “3650 project

  1. I did this plan for about 1/3 of last year. I’m picking back up where I left off. I love it, too. It takes me somewhere around 45 minutes to do the 10 chapters. I think I started it at your suggestions, so thanks!

  2. I began reading this when you mentioned it in 2012. Life changing. I recommend it to everyone. I also read the passages from the front of my Bible to the back and Romans in place of Acts for 6 months then I change back to Acts. Plus I read the Proverbs chapter for the day I am reading.
    Thanks so much for the your recommendation in 2012!

  3. I did this before and loved it. Bruce and I are doing it together this year, but spreading it over 2 years so we have time for deeper study in our church Bible study.

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