Do not be afraid…

If you’ve began the 3650 Bible-reading project on January 1st, you’ve read over 100 chapters of God’s Word so far!

I’m enjoying using my new ESV Journaling Bible along with a set of Sharpie fine-point pens. And here’s what I’ve been marking often so far this year: Do not be afraid, Fear not, Do not be afraid or dismayed


When I did this plan in 2012, I was amazed at the connections I saw daily as I read, and this time is no different. For some reason (because I need to hear/learn it??) I’m seeing those phrases all over the place — several times in Joshua, but also in Matthew and Isaiah. And I see plenty of reasons not to fear in the Psalms: He is a stronghold, He doesn’t forsake those who seek him, He makes me dwell in safety…

What is God bringing to your attention?


More on this: Do not be afraid (part 2)

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