Another collection of randomness:

~ 16 books to read before they hit theaters this year. That’s all I need — more books for the wishlist. And while I’m trying so hard not to purchase any new books!

~ The myth of learning styles. Yep. I’ve long wondered if teachers were too invested in that.

~ 10 Photography Lessons Learned…the hard way

~ 5 things Christians should stop saying

~ On miscommunications

~ When sleep departs

~ And speaking of sleep, the sermon you preach in your sleep

~ 14 mac hacks

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “miscellany

  1. Loved your post! So diverse and interesting. The books sound intriguing; there is hope with my very amateurish photography; revelation with sleep–ouch; learning styles was thought provoking; the things Christians say and these were just scratching the surface. Enjoyed the randomness!

  2. Count me as another fan of your Miscellanies, Anne.

    Re the “16 books to read before they hit theaters,” the easy way to winnow that list is to ask which of the movies you’d even want to see. As for me, I try to steer clear of postmodern angst in both literary and cinematic forms. I don’t mind the occasional dystopian read, but the lack of parallel structure in the personality names associated with “Divergent” bothers me (“Dauntless” doesn’t fit with “Amity” but would fit with “amicable,” etc.).

    On the plus side, I’ve already read Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken,” which was excellent. Hillenbrand may only have two books to her name, but they’re both keepers (and she’s two for two in movie adaptations, also).

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