“If what is wrong with the world is not sin but….”

christplaysFrom Eugene H. Peterson’s Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places:

If what is wrong with the world is not sin but ignorance, what we need is to find the right formula, the right technique, the right thoughts to get back to our true origins, our real identity. We have all grown up in a culture in which there is a massive but mostly uncritical trust in education to solve our problems. We assume that if we can just improve our schools, our social and political and personal lives will improve. But after two hundred plus years of intense and sustained work on that foundation in America, there is little to support the hope. Our schools, with their symbolic stature as places for enlightenment, are seen by many now as dangerous to both body and mind. If what is wrong with the world is not sin but weakness, then we need to improve our political processes and get others to do the same. We need a president, senators, legislators, governors, judges, and mayors who will work for the weak, protect the vulnerable, control crime. We have, it turns out, one of the best working democracies in the world, but the social results are far from encouraging. Our citizens are given votes and influence and freedom. And they are conspicuous across the board for living badly, frivolously, addictively, and selfishly. If what is wrong with the world is not sin but lack of money, then we need to develop businesses, corporations, bank,s and investment ventures all over the world to put people to work, extract crops and minerals and oil, make more money, and develop prosperity so that people will not have unmet needs and will be satisfied with their lives. We have been as successful as any nation in history in making money. But the fallout in greed, self-indulgence, exploitation, and dishonesty is appalling.

so what do you think?

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