Yet another melange of links:

~ 10 tips for perfect quick breads

~ Thomas Sowell on Inequality Fallacies

~ Reading the Bible like Jesus

~ Speaking of reading the Bible, here are Three Tips for Better Bible Reading.

~ I really like these drop cloth window shades.

~ Has ‘Authenticity’ Trumped Holiness? This is good stuff:

Erik Thoennes, professor of biblical and theological studies at Biola University, sees the authenticity trend in the undergrads he teaches. At the beginning of each class he asks his students to write down two things they love and two things they hate. Consistently, one of the things they say they hate is “fake people.” But the Christian life involves a whole lot of “fakin’ it” on the path to being integrated, Thoennes says.

“There’s this idea that to live out of conformity with how I feel is hypocrisy; but that’s a wrong definition of hypocrisy,” Thoennes said. “To live out of conformity to what I believeis hypocrisy. To live in conformity with what I believe, in spite of what I feel, isn’t hypocrisy; it’s integrity.”

Thoennes hopes his students understand that sanctification involves living in a way that often conflicts with what feels authentic.

~ Here’s a book buying opportunity for one of my favorites. If you’re interested in education and history, you need to read it.

And with that, I’m off to begin a busy and long day.

Happy Monday,


One thought on “miscellany

  1. Anne, thank you so much for this blog. Like them all but I didn’t realize Ben House had a blog. Followed his other blog and was disappointed when he stopped writing on it. Then here you have his new blog!!! Also loved the drop cloth ideas. In the midst of updating the interior of the home, I need to make new curtains for the kitchen. You are always so informative in so many areas! A big thank you! 😊

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