“You’ll know that He had a deliberate purpose for everything. “

quietplaceFrom The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings by Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

“Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” ~ John 11:40

Martha heard Jesus’ promise; she wanted to believe. But her brother had been dead for four days. How could God’s glory possibly be seen in the midst of such huge, irreversible loss?

Sometimes the ways of God in our lives seem inconsistent with what we read in His Word. We hear that obedience to Him will cause us to “abound in prosperity” (Deut. 28:11). We hear He can turn a desert into “pools of water” (Ps. 107:35). We hear He makes a barren woman “the joyous mother of children” (Ps. 113:9). Yet the story doesn’t always seem to go that way.

That’s because we can’t see the whole story–and, we think the story is all about us. We know what we want it to sound like and look like in our home, in our lives. But this is God’s story He is writing and unfolding–His grand epic of redemption–and He is calling us to play a bit part, to participate in spreading His glory throughout the whole earth.

This doesn’t mean pretending to be unaffected by grief, or denying the reality of unfulfilled longings. But it does mean we can press through with faith, because we know our good, wise loving God has created the plot, and we know our role in His story is contributing to the overarching purpose of revealing His glory.

Are you willing to play the part He has written for you in His script? Are you willing to be delayed, upset, or inconvenienced for it? Because when the story has all been told, you will be able to sit back in your heavenly theater seat and see exactly how your one “simple” story line make perfect sense and contributed to the overall plot. You’ll know that He had a deliberate purpose for everything. And you’ll understand that God’s will is exactly what we would choose if we knew what He knows.

What circumstance are you facing that you would want to change if you were “writing the script” for your life? By faith, thank God that His script is perfect, and that in His way and His time you will see His glory revealed.

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