random thoughts

~If you use social media primarily to complain about social media, you might be doing it wrong.

~ I’m thankful to live in a town where church bells ring out on the hour. A walk from my office to my car can be a mini worship service when “Holy, Holy, Holy” rings out on a clear, sunny day.

~ I love, love, love chocolate, but there’s something especially satisfying about a cold, crisp, sweet-as-candy apple.

~ I’m really into Sharpie fine point pens* these days — so much so that I’m using them to underline and make notes in my books instead of my trusty mechanical pencil. The colors make me happy. 🙂 And they really don’t bleed through paper.

~ Random thoughts & random photos!





~ That’s my mom — my best CAbi customer and cheerleader and a huge support to me (she’s not huge, but her support is!).

~ It’s my daily habit to listen to Dennis Prager podcasts while I get ready for work, and he always makes me think about a wide variety of subjects. This morning I’m listening to him talk with Elaine Bennett about the importance of a father (or at least another good, strong, loving male) in a girl’s life. THANK YOU, LORD, for my father!

Gotta run now to take on this long Friday.
Have a wonderful day!

*Every time you click on one of my Amazon links and make a purchase, a few pennies are tossed my way. They eventually add up and contribute to my book addiction. Thank you for feeding my habit as you shop.

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Your regular “Random Thoughts” delight me! I always come away with at least one thing to pursue and think about, even if I don’t comment every time. And every time I read them, I think I should be doing that too. My mind is constantly full of thoughts but they rarely get to the virtual paper.

    Church bells throughout the day…..ahh. I love them too, but my only bells are the tweets of the birds here out in the country.

    I’ve been hooked on Sharpies too until I used most up and haven’t replaced them. I’m such a pen and pencil junkie it’s not funny. My sister is too, and we feed each other’s addiction. 🙂

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