on friendship

“Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.” ~  Marcus Tullius Cicero

friendsFriendship has been on my mind lately because I’m ever so grateful that recently I was able to see my best friend. A continent and an ocean separate us, but thanks to our business, we get to meet up twice a year. She is truly a gift from God. Truly, truly, truly. She’s the answer to years of praying for a good, godly friend. Though we are different in so many ways, we are kindred spirits. Our lives are nothing alike right now, but even so, there are often almost eerie parallels. When I’m with her, I laugh until my face hurts. (Why, oh, why does she say the wittiest things right after I take a sip of something?! I’m going to choke one of these days!) She’s got a quick-to-the-point wisdom and a way of bottom-lining things that I appreciate. So often, I’ve turned to her for a sanity check. She knows me better than just about anyone, and she loves me anyway!

In 2012 I was living in Brussels when my life blew up.  I was all alone, unable to sleep or eat. My friend knew that I needed support, so she dropped everything and flew across two oceans and a continent to be with me. Friends of ours and friends of hers picked up the slack so that she could make the trip. And her presence brought Hawaii’s sunshine to the gloomy gray of Belgium. We cried together and laughed together (it was SO good to laugh!), and her being there for me is something I will never, ever forget.

She’s a treasure, this dear friend of mine.

God didn’t stop with that treasure, either. He’s brought wonderful friends into my life as I’ve started a new chapter here in Georgia. With a supportive family and supportive friends, I feel doubly blessed.

All along this path of a divorce I didn’t want and facing just about every variety of change possible, I’ve often said that God loves me through His people. And I believe that more deeply every day.

With gratitude,


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